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The Dutch Kuychi foundation gives financial assistance to the Fundaçion Niños del Arco Iris in Peru, that provides education and medical care to the very poor. Will you help us?

Working together on a better future

If you ask Helena van Engelen (1949) why she went to Peru to set up a project for children, she will say: It was time for me to give something back to life."

In Urubamba, Mamita Helena built a centre for the children from the mountain villages. Since then, hundreds of children have found a home there. A home where they are able to live, learn and blossom in an environment of love, safety and good health.

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What can you do?

Money is needed to keep the project in Peru running. A lot of money. There are lots of ways you can help.
Hannah Cuppen

What a privilege it was to visit this wonderful project. What was intended to be a vacation ended up being much more than that: it was a life-enhancing experience! Seeing how love can make such a difference for so many children touched me deeply.

Hannah Cuppen, Deurne

Jeanet Bathoorn

Last year we were welcomed as guests in the Holy Valley in Peru, and we stayed at Las Casitas del Arco Iris. What a fantastic choice that turned out to be! And when you know that the proceeds from this hotel all go to the charity, then you know for sure youre in the right place. Highly recommended.

Jeanet Bathoorn, Nijmegen

Octavia Puma Cruz

I live high up in the mountains, in the remote community of Huacahuasi in the Andes. Thanks to Nios del Arco Iris I was able to go to school. First I learned Spanish and then English. I learned how to make something of my life, and now Im a travel guide. My dream has come true.

Octavio, Urubamba (Peru)


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Kuychi Foundation

The Dutch Kuychi Foundation gives financial assistance to the Fundaçion Niños del Arco Iris in Peru, that provides education and medical care to the very poor.

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